De’Borah Garner was born on May 30, 1987 and began doing weekly stage performances at the House of Blues-Chicago at age 12. After her 10 year run of stage performances, she continued singing and writing. In 2012, a close friend insisted that she try out for NBCs ‘The Voice’. De’Borah fought long and hard NOT to go to the audition. After much persuasion from her friend, she decided to audition in Chicago. During Season 3 of Mark Burnett NBCs ‘The Voice’, Grammy-winner Christina Aguilera raved about her “swag attitude” as they enjoyed her renditions of “Message in a Bottle”, “Who Knew”, and “Hey Soul Sister”.

De’Borah Garner, who now performs as DeBo MusicTrappa, is an artist that is “genreless” with electrifying performances that engage her audiences everywhere.

Her raspy sound along with her ability to play six instruments is the perfect combination for her love for songwriting. DeBo MusicTrappa has been a worldwide inspiration to many bands while galvanizing stages countrywide with her fearless non-acceptance of industry standards.

DeBo MusicTrappa is currently working on her debut album, ’30’ which includes her new singles, ‘I.D.K.’ and H.I.